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Story from user : LUCAS

Story NO:1

Story kind:short stories

Story name: i saw a pig when I am walking home from school

One day i saw a pig when I am walking home from school and I brought it home .I teached him  to jump and do other tricks.Now, we are best friends.
Story © Copyright from 2004-2011


Poem from user : A.w

Poem NO:2

Poem kind: poem

Poem name:This is a garden

This is a garden.

Inside the garden is a tree.

Inside the tree in the garden is a fruit.

Inside the fruit in the tree in the garden is a seed.

Inside the seed in the fruit in the tree in the garden is...

A worm!

Poem © Copyright from 2004-2011


Story from user : Horace

Story NO:3

Story kind:Story

Story name: The adventure of the frog


        A long time ago, in a little pond,lived a super frog.He can jump up into space. One day, a plane flew by, the frog saw it , he jumped into the plane!! The frog found a seat,then he sat there.Later , the speaker announced:"Ladies and gentlemens, monkeys and elephants,Ah ... also frogs.We're gonna arive"rome". Please pack your belongings and ready to land.Thank you."The plane landed.The frog jumped out from the plane......

        The frog saw a roman soldier, he jumped to his back, the solider strech his back and fell down... The frog jumped everywhere on his back , the people laughed... The frog jumped, jumped... He jumped to a chariot race.He saw a chariot coming, he laid down.The chariot almost crashed onto the frog. Ten thousand more chariots coming:VOOM... BOOM...CRASH...!The frog fainted.

        When he woke up, he was in the'Frog Hospital'. He saw a beautiful, nice female frog.The female frog said:"Hi,I'm Daisy.I'm a nurse. Are you okay?" The super frog blushed,then he said:"Ah... Hmm... I'm Fine, Thanks.I'm going on an adventure, would you like to come with me?"Daisy said:"Yes,I like adventures very much!" So the two frogs go on their adventure.

        Then,they found a sumarine, they when into it. The submarine took them to 'France'          'The love country' The frog and Daisy went to the " 'Ifell' tower".The frog jumped onto the top of the tower and let daisytake a photo for him. Next,they went to a hotel and stayed there for a night.

        Next Day, they went to a museum. They saw an old frog who name was         'Prof. Crazy ' He said:"What are you guys doing ? visiting this crazy museum? RIGHT! I'm RIGHT! Let me be your leader! Ha ha ha ha ha ......" The two frogs followed Prof. Crazy. They saw a big blue 'Hot air balloon'. Prof. Crazy said:"This balloon is the first hot air balloon  flew of in france!" Next they saw two beautiful rings with many jewels:ruby,emerald,crystal...... Prof. Crazy said:"These rings are Prine William and Princess diana's wedding rings.The frog and Daisy looked at each other, The Professor said:"Ha ha ha...... I announce ! You two are husband and wife! Now let me give you two the wedding rings! The two frogs got there rings.Then, the three frogs go on there adventure again!

        The frogs went on a ferry, the ferry took them to 'Italy'.They went to a restaurant . The waitor gave them the menu.




       Mosquito Pizza

               Snail , Gnat Sandwich

       Flies Fried Rice


       Slug Bu-lay

               Grasshopper Jelly

       Bumble Bee Cake


       Honey Juice

               Butterfly Milk

       Ant Tea


Suddenly , the main cook came, her name was Ms. Cracky.She asked:"What do you guys want?" Daisy said"Hmm..... I want a Snail, Gnat Sangwich and a cup of honey juice, please! Prof. Crazy said:" Ha ha ha...... Same as Daisy!" The Super frog said:" Let's order a mosquito pizza and a bumble bee cake." "Great! I'll make it now!"Ms Cracky said. They ate a yummy lunch. Ms . Cracky joined the'Adventure Group" So the Frogs Went on their adventure again!

                                      ---The End --

Story © Copyright from 2004-2011


Poem from user : A.w

Poem NO:4

Poem kind: poem

Poem name:Taste

Honey and sugar,

chocolate and candy,

all the sweet tastes

come to me.

Lemon and lime,

orange and kiwi,

all the sour tastes

come to me.

Soya sauce and salt,

chips and anchovies,

all the salty tastes

come to me.

Curry and pepper,

mustard and chilli,

all the spicy tastes

come to me.

Sour and sweet,

salty and spicy,

all the tastes

come to me.

Poem © Copyright from 2004-2011



 iThis poem was writen by the founder of this website

Story from user :Leo

Poem NO:5

Poem kind:poem

Poem name: without you


My mother is the heart of me:

Without her I would be floating aimlessly on the sea.

Without her there wouldn’t be me.

Without her I wouldn’t be me.

©copyright by Leo.   All Rights Reserved


iThis poem was writen by the founder of this website

Story from user :Leo

Story NO:6

Story kind:Funny Story

Story name: Two continuous day...


Have you ever experienced two continuous bad days with many things gone wrong? Unfortunately, it happened to me in these two days…


It was a sunny day in the morning.  But by afternoon, it was another story. I didn’t bring  my umbrella with me and got caught in a heavy shower rain. My clothes  were all wet when I came home. Just when I thought that the bad luck would have gone away, my dad said to me, “ there is some water leakage from the ceiling above your bed ,  you need  to sleep on the floor tonight…”  I replied with a surprise, “What?! ”

All night, I tried to sleep on the cold, hard wooden floor.  When I almost fell asleep, I was awakened by my neighbour’s snoring noises. The disturbance was horrible. It’s just like an enormous pig  crawling into my ears! I couldn’t take it anymore so I quickly put on a pair of earmuffs to cover my ears. I was only able to sleep for a short while and was awaked by something again soon. Oh!  the earmuffs I was wearing were actually earphone and it was playing a song “  Say Boo… with me “. Immediately  I took off the earphones and started counting sheep  in my mind with my eyes closed. One sheep, two sheep,  three sheep,  four sheep,  five sheep,  six sheep,  seven sheep, eight sheep,  nine sheep,  ten sheep, PLEASE SLEEP!”  Finally, I could sleep really deep and fall into to a dreamland where my mother AWOKE ME TO GO TO SCHOOL!

©copyright by Leo.   All Rights Reserved


Story from user :Sam184

Story NO:7

Story kind:Adventure story

Story name: Adventure at Sea I am the captain of a ship from the Singapore Marine Police Force. I have been with the Marine Force for eight years. I loved the sea because of the cool sea winds, the fresh smell of the sea and the beautiful scenery. I also wanted to catch criminals and so I joined the Marine Police Force and do what I love.

Recently, I was out on a boat with a few of my friends. We were not working but the Marine Police Force allowed us to use the sailboat that was meant for rest and recreation.

We went fishing. We were on our way back when I spotted a ship with the name PSS
Pollu. It was releasing oil into the sea. I was horrified. I picked up a loud hailer and shouted, "Stop your pollution at once and follow us back to shore!"

Pollu decided to flee.

We gave chase but their ship was too fast for us. We contacted the Marine Force base and requested for help. Two fast marine boats were sent and soon caught up with PSS Pollu and surrounded it. The ship had no choice but to surrender.

Six marine policemen searched PSS
Pollu and discovered that it was carrying smuggled cigarettes. The men of PSS Pollu were subsequently charged in court. I was rewarded for responding to a situation while off duty. boat



Story from user :Sam184

Story NO:8

Story kind:Scary Story

Story NameA Scary Night.


It was a dark and stormy night. I was about to go to bed when I heard a tapping sound on my window.

 "Who's there?" I shouted. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning; I saw a face at the window. It looked like an alien ... an alien that I had seen on the television show, "the X files."

I felt very scared. I ran to my bed and pulled my blanket over my head. I started to shout for my parents but there was no reply. Then I remembered that they were at a fancy dress party.

I peeped out of my blanket but it was too dark to see anything. Then I heard footsteps. They were getting louder and louder. It was dark but I knew the way to my drawer where I kept my camera. I ran there and took out my camera and started to take pictures in the direction of the window. Soon the footsteps died off.


The grandfather clock struck ...  ... It was 12 midnight. I went back to my bed and tried to sleep. But I could not sleep. I felt too frightened. I sat up, my mind was full of thoughts. Time passed ... one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock. Finally, I fell asleep. 


I woke up only after eight and decided to investigate. I found some footprints outside my bedroom window. I measured them with a tape and found them to be exactly the same size as my father's shoes. The footprints ended at the door of my house. I then went to town to get the film developed. But when I saw the photos I was shocked. They were black and I could hardly see anything. Then I remembered that I did not use the flash.

When I reached home I told my father the whole incident and he started to laugh. I started laughing too when he told me that he had dressed up as an alien for the party. Today, I am still amused to think I was so afraid of my own father.


Story from user :Iwashaunted!

Story NO:9

Story kind:Ghost story

Story Name:The week of the ghostly visits.In May of this year, my parents went to Hawaii for a week and I'm deathly afraid of planes, so Lauren's parents let me stay with them. Lauren and I stayed in her sun room, a completely white room with one wall having windows facing into another room which was under renovation at the time. We shared one bed which was in the corner of the room with a rocking chair beside it. Now, my entire life I have been exposed to the supernatural. The first house which I lived in, a barn had an old farmer which haunted it. The house which I lived in after this was also haunted by a man who my family believed was the old mayor of our town. My parents have also been exposed and fully believe in the afterlife. Anyways, the first night I stayed there was alright but still scary. It was around 5 in the morning when I felt a small weight on my feet, now because my friend has 2 cats, I didn't think much of it, that is until I went down to pet the cat and nothing was there. I remember being only slightly afraid.

On night 2 it was around 3 in the morning when all of a sudden the bed shook. The rest of the house and room were still, so it could not have been an earthquake. I was scared and shocked at this, but I just lay still. After about 2 minutes, it shook again, and it did so for around 10 minutes. I woke up Lauren and told her what had happened, yet she just went back to sleep thinking nothing of it. I didn't go back to sleep that night.

The next night was particularly scary. At approximately 12 all of the lights were off and Lauren was fast asleep. I was having trouble going to sleep so I looked around the room at the various things in it. In the corner of the room, near the end of the bed was a little girl. I was frozen as she studied me with her completely black eyes. I was never so afraid. I ducked my head under the sheets and forced myself to sleep. At about 4 in the same night, I woke up to loud noises. Lauren was sitting upright and looking into the other room with pure terror in her eyes. I looked into the room to see all of the renovation tools being tossed everywhere and a blackbird flying around the room. All of a sudden, the tools dropped to the floor and the bird flew into our room where it disappeared into the air. We both clung to each other until morning.

After a few nights nothing happened, but the last night I was there was the scariest for myself. It was about 5 in the morning, just before sunrise when I woke up and heard screaming from her backyard. Lauren and I were frozen with terror. The screaming was almost childlike, but also like an animal. It was not making out words, just spitting out shrieks of horror. This went on for 10 minutes. Half way through this I got so curious that I went to the window to see what it was, yet in the spot where the noise was coming from there was nothing. I looked out at the entire yard, yet nothing was there. I went back to our bed and once again never went back to sleep. We asked her family the next morning if anyone had heard it, yet nobody had heard it. When my parents got home that night and I told them what had happened and they believed me but thought nothing of it really.

That one week at Lauren's was the most paranormal activity I have ever experienced, and since then only a few things have happened at her house, such as doors opening when they're not supposed to and lights flickering on and off.



Story from user :Iwashaunted!

Story NO:10

Story kind:Ghost story

Story Name:HongKongHaunt(Real Story)

I was fortunate enough to go visit Hong Kong twice in a row. My first time being with my family in 1994, and then by myself in 1995.

My story happened in July 1995 after going out with some friends, and was on the way back to my uncle's flat. I am not too familiar with Hong Kong, so please forgive me if I said Central, and its not.

This involved the section from the Ice House location all the way to Conduit Rd. I remember it was late at night, it was about 2am. I was all by myself, no one else was on the escalator as I could notice. I had a strange feeling as being watched. Then I saw the video cameras. It was strange. At first I thought someone was walking up the escalator fast to get somewhere quick, as it was coming below from all the way down where I began my journey up on the escalator. It was not a running pattern of sound, but a fast walking pace sound coming up towards you. It made some kind of metallic thunk sound each time it was coming towards me. I felt a cold wind and the metallic thunk sound coming closer, but the same rate of speed.

I decided to stop and listen at a level platform, and peered down. Normally if you peered down from this point you can see all the way down clearly of 3 sections of the escalator of where the noise was coming from. Nothing was there, but the noise of the metallic thunk sound stopped, as if whatever was making that noise knew I was looking at it. As I left the level landing I continued up the escalator, and the metallic thunk started up the escalators again in a more hurried pace as if it was trying to catch up to me. I decided to quicken my pace as well as I started to walk up the escalator instead of letting it carry me. Until this point there was no one on the escalator, neither going up or down. I noticed on the other side the escalator was turned off, non moving. Each time I passed by a security camera I stopped for a few seconds and I waved for help as I was starting to get scared.

But no one came to my rescue. Nothing at all. As the sound was getting closer, it made me run up the escalator now. And I realized that I was breaking the rule of not running. But yet passing the security camera and thinking seeing me do this they would come stop me from running. But nothing still. The sound was getting louder and closer, and I envisioned some kind of invisible horrible thing one section behind me. I did not dare to look back, and kept running at full tilt by now, up the escalators, and starting to skip over each step, concentrating carefully and not wanting to trip on one. As I got to the top of the escalator section I quickly turned and continued to run full tilt. As I turned my head and looked at the escalator, I saw two red eyes, and nothing else. I quickly remembered that there was a cafe that opened late and I quickly ducked in there. The staff were the only ones there just eating.

One elderly lady screamed and pointed at the two red eyes. A man grabbed the idol of "Guan Yu" and held it towards the door, and the red eyes disappeared...___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Story from user :Iwashaunted!

Story NO:11

Story kind:Ghost story

Story Name:Ahhh!

Since I was younger I have had a few experiences with the paranormal in different houses I have lived in, from seeing figures, orbs, hearing noises I even had a pounding noise follow me around the house coming from the basement. I will admit I was a little freaked out at first but fear faded and interest took part. Just recently I started playing with an EMF reader I borrowed from my mother, trying it around the house we live in now.

My other half and I have picked up readings from personal items that belonged to his deceased father and the urn in which his fathers ashes are in. I have even taken pictures and gone back and looked at them later only to see nothing out of the ordinary. So yesterday I suggested that we take a walk around one of the cemeteries in our town of Argenta Illinois, when the sun started to go down. We picked Friends Creek Cemetery and I'm really glad we did, though nothing was picked up on the EMF reader I did manage to get a few pictures with Orbs in it. I will post them if its possible.

One picture however stands out the most... I was in the oldest section snapping pictures with the flash on. For some reason the flash didn't go off but I did manage to capture Orbs flying or floating if you will in the air around some of the stones. We would of liked to stay longer but getting eaten alive by bugs is no fun. I'm thinking that if I captured them there that I might have some luck at the other ones as well...


Poem from user : Colin Wong

Poem NO:12

Poem kind:short poem

Poem name: Pet Mouse.

Today I saw a mouse.My mum hates mouse so i took it home quietly....... Then my mouse could read comics!! So I read it with the mouse...... and i trained it some tricks. Then I send it to a trick animal school.
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